Chasing The High: Kalymnos, published in The Climber, Jan 2019

Dirtbag Dispatches: The Totem Pole, published in New Zealand Adventure Magazine, Dec 2018/Jan 2019

Chasing The High – Indian Creek, published in The Climber, Oct 2018

Dirtbag Dispatches: Australia’s climbing meccas, published in New Zealand Adventure Magazine, Oct/Nov 2018

Dirtbag Dispatches: Dirtbag Queens, published in New Zealand Adventure Magazine, Aug/Sept 2018

DD.20 - dirtbag queens cover

Chasing The High, published in The Climber, July 2018

Dirtbag Dispatches: The Real Big Drip, published in Adventure Magazine, June/July 2018

Dirtbag Dispatches: Land of the Free. A tour of Indian Creek and the Red River Gorge, published in Adventure Magazine, Feb/March 2018

Leavittation: the origins of hand-stacking. A look at how this crack climbing technique developed from Randy Leavitt and Tony Yaniro. Published in Gripped Magazine, November 2017

Dirtbag Dispatches: Intestinal Misadventures of the Vertical World, the cruel and embarrassing toilet mishaps of climbing adventures. Published in Adventure Magazine NZ in Oct/Nov 2017

Dirtbag Distpaches: King of the Rockies, an account of climbing the Emperor Ridge of Mt Robson, the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies, published in Gripped in Apr/May 2017, and in NZ Adventure Magazine in Aug/Sept 2017

Dirtbag Dispatches: She’ll be right … maybe, a winter of optimism bias leads to some close calls, from 8m falls on ice to being dragged down by a sudden avalanche, published in NZ Adventure Magazine, June/July 2017

(features photography from myself and Alex Ratson)

Remembering Anna Smith, a tribute to my friend, her climbing exploits, and her feminist streak. She tragically passed away in India in 2016, published in Terra Incognita Media, July 2017

Dirtbag Dispatches: Grizzly Bites, the survival story of a horrific grizzly attack on a pair of British climbers in a remote part of the Canadian Rockies. Published in New Zealand Adventure Magazine, Apr/May 2016

DD13 - grizzly bites 1

Dirtbag Dispatches: China Rocks, a visit to the climbing meccas of China, from Yangshuo to Getu to Li Ming. Published in New Zealand Adventure Magazine, Feb/March 2016

Dirtbag Dispatches: The Darran Mountains, New Zealand’s rain-swept climbing mecca. Published in New Zealand Adventure Magazine, December 2016/January 2017

Remembering Anna Smith. Published in Gripped Magazine, Canada, December 2016

Outside China feature on Logan Barber and his trad-climbing exploits in China in 2015, in which he repeated the country’s hardest trad route, and then established two harder ones, all in Li Ming, Yunnan province. Story by Derek Cheng, photos by Garrett Bradley. Published in Outside China, November 2016

Dirtbag Dispatches: Solo Scrambles. Published in Adventure Magazine, New Zealand, Oct/Nov 2016

Outside China profile of American climber Mike Dobie, who overcame many obstacles – including alcohol addiction – to become a leading developer in China. Story by Derek Cheng, photos by Garrett Bradley. Published in Outside China, October 2016

Dirtbag Dispatches: The Big Stone. Published in Adventure Magazine, New Zealand, Aug/Sept 2016

Dirtbag Dispatches: The First Rule of Ice Climbing is … Published in Gripped Magazine Dec 2016

And in Adventure Magazine New Zealand, June/July 2016

Enhancing the experience: bigger, bolder, scarier – a foray into the alpine. Published in The Climber, April 2016

Dirtbag Dispatches: Bashed and broken, the tale of a climber’s fall and survival. Published in Adventure Magazine New Zealand, April/May 2016

Filling in the blanks: a photo essay on Li Ming and Keketuohai, in China. Published in Ascent Magazine, April 2016. Text by Derek Cheng, photos by Garrett Bradley

Get a Grip – Climbing’s varied disciplines offer a world of potential challenge (a beginners’ guide to rock climbing), published in Action Asia, March/April 2016

Dirtbag Dispatches – Vanlife, a love affair. Published in NZ Adventure Magazine, FEB/MAR 2016

Rock Climbing in the Canadian Rockies. Published in The Climber 94, January 2016

Dirtbag Diaries – the beach climbing paradise of Tonsai, Thailand. Published in Adventure Magazine NZ, DEC/JAN 2015/16

And in Gripped Magazine, June 2016

The Quiet American – a profile of American climber Mike Dobie, who has overcame addiction and found purpose in developing trad-routes in remote, rock-filled corners of China. Published in Action Asia, Nov 2015

action asia - dobie

Dirtbag Diaries: Climbing campsites both worryingly fragile and wonderfully therapeutic. Published in Adventure Magazine NZ, OCT/NOV 2015

Kuching: Climbing on Malaysia’s Borneo Island. Published in Gripped, SEPT 2015

The Dirtbag Diaries: Half Dome, the world’s first big wall. Published in Adventure Magazine NZ, AUG/SEPT 2015

China Rocks, Published in Travel 360, July 2015

The Dirtbag Diaries: The Bugaboos, Canada. Published in Adventure Magazine NZ, JUNE/JULY 2015

An update from Tonsai: it’s not falling apart. Published in Action Asia, May 2015, and Vertical Life, May 2015.


How to survive a fall: Eight months after falling 16m to the ground, Norwegian climber Raanveig Aamodt climbed harder than she ever had. Published in Adventure Magazine NZ, APR/MAY 2015


The Dirtbag Diaries: Is there anything more absurd than rock climbing? Published in Adventure Magazine NZ, FEB/MARCH 2015

dirtbag column 1

The Dirtbag Diaries: the life and times of a dirtbag climber, published in Adventure Magazine NZ, DEC/JAN 2014/15

Atlas Shreiked: A first ascent in the Anti-Atlas Mountains in Morocco, published in UK Climb magazine, October 2014; and in GRIPPED magazine, October 2014

And in Adventure Magazine NZ, OCT/NOV 2014

Chasing the high: An ode to dirtbaggery, published in the New Zealand Herald, August 20, 2014


New sandstone trad-climbing paradise Li Ming, China, published in The Climber 88, Autumn 2014;

and in GRIPPED magazine, Apr 2013:

Fire and Limestone: A fireworks accident leads to disaster at a new climbing area in Laos, published in Vertical Life 5, 2013

A season in the incomparable Grampians and Arapiles, published in ROCK magazine, Sept 2012 (now defunct)

Escalada Latino, a look at crags in Latin America, published in NZ’s The Climber, Aug 2010