A humbling deflower

A ski tour through Rogers Pass, Canada, turns very quickly into the hardest day ever on the slopes for Derek Cheng, and his humbled hubris


Published in Ski and Snow, June 2016


Dust Angels

burning man coverFirst-timer Derek Cheng heads to Burning Man in the Nevada Desert in search of fun and dancing, and discovers a creative and generous community, based on a set of values to admire and inspire

An uncensored version of this story can be viewed here.

Cover story in the Travel, New Zealand Herald, December 1, 2015


dirtbag diariesThe Dirtbag Diaries

The life and times of a dirtbag climber, shunning ‘real life’ for the road, for ultimate freedom, for passing time in the world’s most beautiful and remote rock climbing destinations



Published in Adventure Magazine NZ, DEC/JAN 2014/15


Suffering in Silencecanvascover (1 of 1)

An enlightening journey through a 10-day vipassana retreat in Kathmandu, Nepal, where nobody is allowed to communicate in any way, and everyone meditates for 10 hours a day

Cover story in CANVAS Magazine, Weekend Herald, August 10, 2013




ROCK_mag (1 of 3)The Grampians

A rock-climbing feature about a season in The Grampians and Arapiles, Australia. May contain incomprehensible rock-climbing jargon.

Published in ROCK magazine, September 2012



Meet Grant Robertson

A political profile on New Zealand Labour MP Grant Robertson, touted as a future party leader and Prime Minister.

Weekend Herald, April 2, 2011


My 26 hours trapped

The first interview with Ann Bodkin, the last person to be pulled alive from the rubble of the Christchurch CBD following a devastating earthquake

Weekend Herald, Feb 26, 2011


 A Hobbit’s Tale

A summary of the furore surrounding the potential loss of The Hobbit films to overseas locations, and the at-times vitriolic clashes that followed, involving unions, politicians and Hollywood heavyweights Warner Bros.

Weekend Herald, Oct 30, 2010


Hone Harawira – profile

The self-confessed firebrand Maori Party MP admits his own prejudices, and doesn’t care what you think of him – but is he moderating his approach to be more effective?

Weekend Herald, July 31, 2010


The Tastemaster

What drives New Zealand’s charismatic chief censor Bill Hastings, who has to deal with watching filth every working day, and handle criticism that he’s too gay and has seen to much porn to do his job well.

Cover story in CANVAS Magazine, Weekend Herald, October 13 2007.


Can we just talk?

A visit to a brothel in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and interview with one of the sex-workers.

Translated into Norwegian and published in the Norwegian International Labour Organisation magazine (Globalt Arbeidsliv), November 2005